Bradner Plant Sale, Sunday May 24th!

plant sale Don’t forget our Bradner Plant Sale is coming up on Sunday May 24! You can buy your tomatoes and other warm weather crops, such as squash, peppers, basil and cucumbers.

Drop by anytime from 10 AM to 3 PM.
Bradner Gardens Park – 29th Ave. S & S Grand St.
For sale:
  • Heirloom tomatoes, vegetables & herbs grown by Neighbor Sally and Ruthy’s Hobby
  • Tomatoes:
  • Beefsteak, Oregon Spring, Roma, Lemon Boy,Sub Arctic
  • Manitoba, Fahrenheit Blue, Stupice, Tigarella, Stiped Roman, Illini Star,
  • Japanese Black Trifele, D’Jeana Lees Golden Girl, Topaz, Prinicpe Borghese, German Red Strawberry,
  • Persimmon, Black Krim, Jaune Flamme, Belii Naliv, Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge, Cherokee Purple,
  • Moonglow, Violet Jasper, Golden Nugget, Sweetie, Sungold, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Snow White, Isis Candy,
  • Bicolor Cherry and more
  • 3 kinds of cucumbers, Zuchettas, Ronde de Nice, kale, broccoli, tomatillos, pumpkins, leeks, and parsley
Great prices / Ready to plant!
Also –  Fruit trees, shrubs and perennials from City Fruit
Enjoy Liz’s tasty pastries, coffee and tea while you shop!


hoseWe need everybody’s help in maintaining our hoses to make them last.


  • Please coil the hose without kinks on the ground.  Refrain from draping the hose over the hose bib since the sun can weaken the part that is on the apex.
  • Also, to avoid forgetting to turn off the water, release the valve on the hose fan.

Water is precious and  the most expensive part of the p-patch program.

In the past, kids have discovered a hose that was left on, played with the water and did not turn it off… it can leave some serious erosion in paths or worse.

RED Volunteer Hours Tracking Binder

red binder sideThe RED binder for tracking your volunteer hours is finally ready to use!
Each plot holder has a page listed in alphabetical order; If two people share a plot, it will be under one of the names.  For those who were already writing down their hours on the old page, I transferred those hours.
Please remember to write your hours down on the clipboard (goes to Park Department) and RED binder (goes to P-Patch Program).
Please note:  you must complete 4 hours by the end of June.  Best to get your hours in early in the season; we can use the help!
Just email the board at if you need help getting setup with a task to earn your hours.