First 2016 Work Party! Join us!

Dear Gardeners,
Join us for the first monthly work party of 2016 at Bradner Gardens Park and P-Patch.
10:00 AM to Noon followed by potluck lunch at Noon.
Bring gloves and dress for the weather. We have tools.
Tasks include weeding winter weeds throughout the park: children’s garden, paths, tree rings and ornamental border. We will work in teams so the work is also social.
Reminder – Please keep the workroom door locked at all times.
See you at the garden, rain or shine!


2016 Annual Gardner Gathering!

Save the date! March 5th is the Bradner Annual Gardener Gathering!

Hello fellow Bradner P-Patch gardeners! This year’s annual gardener gathering will take place Saturday March 5th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. in the Bradner Meeting Room.

The gathering this year will be a happy hour. Rather than going over the rules, garden amenities, and volunteer opportunities, this year we’ve planned a community building event. One of the things that makes Bradner stand out is you, the great community we have. The gardener gathering happy hour will be a chance for you to get together, meet your neighbors and the new gardeners, perhaps find people you want to order seeds with, or folks who can water your garden while you are out of town.

We know that many of you enjoy certain volunteer opportunities, so we will have sign up sheets available. If you have any questions please ask one of the leads. We’re there for you! We will supply beer from the Flying Lion Brewery, and some wine. Snacks will be pot luck, so please feel free to bring you favorite finger food.

Bradner Halloween Costume Party and Cider Pressing

Get your costumes ready for the Bradner Halloween Costume Party and Cider Pressing

Sunday, October 25 – 2 to 4 PM
Bradner Gardens Park
29th Avenue S. & S. Grand St.

Bring some apples for the cider press supplied by City Fruit.
Sip the tasty cider and enjoy a mini donut.

Mount Baker Preschool will have kid’s activities and treats.
Bradner Bee Team will host a honeycomb tasting from the Bradner beehives.

Free Family fun for all. See you there. Gruener)

Fall Tasks – Winterize & Renew!

Please remember that October 31 is the deadline to:
¨ (1) Complete and record your 8 community volunteer hours
¨ (2) Get your plot ready for winter.

You must fulfill these two P-Patch responsibilities if you want to renew your plot for next year.

To winterize your plot, please remove all non-organic material (i.e. tomato cages) then…

Option #1: Grow winter crops such as garlic, onions, kale, etc.
Option #2: Plant cover crops to dig your soil in the spring to add nitrogen as they Decompose.
Option #3: Mulch. Protect your soil with a layer of organic material then dig it into the soil in the springtime: a.) Chop up spent plants and cover your plot. b.) Create a blanket of leaves on your plot, or c.) Create a good blend of green (spent plants) and brown (leaves). Layer 12” deep. Cover with burlap.
If you plan to leave the P-Patch, please let the Bradner Leads know and also let the office know :

Contact Bunly Yun at

Bradner Gardens Summer Blues Concert – JD Hobson, Americana & Delta Blues

Join us on Sat, Jul 18, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM for a night of music and community.

Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and pack a picnic supper to enjoy the summer concerts on the lawn in the lovely Bradner Gardens park with a view of the city.

Concerts are free, however the hat is passed for the musicians.

This July Concert features JD Hobson, Americana and Delta Blues on Guitar and vocals.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Food Bank Donation Tips

In mid-May we start harvesting fresh produce for food bank donations.  Each year we donate between 1500-2000 pounds of food to the Rainer Food Bank!


We are always looking for more volunteers who can harvest and/or drive the produce to the RVFB.  If you are interested in helping and scoring easy volunteer hours, please come to Bradner on Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Support will be there to give guidance on what and how to pick.  We will also weigh and record the donations and then someone will drive all to the RVFB no later than 10 AM.  We collect every Saturday.

When warm spells occur, certain lettuces and greens may want to bolt (making flowers that eventually turn into seeds to start the process all over again).  Usually warm weather makes lettuce and greens bolt and bitter tasting..  So this may be a good time to share some of your harvest with others anytime before a warm burst.  If you cannot make the Saturday time, you may harvest on Friday evening and put the produce in the big silver box behind the building.  Please do not put any produce in the silver box before Friday evening; stuff can rot in the heat.

Remember, only donate what YOU would be willing to eat….no dead leaves, dirty roots or wilted produce.  We do not wash leafy greens because they can turn to mush.  If you are harvesting root vegetables such as carrots, radishes and beets, make sure to remove all soil and briefly rinse any residual soil off.  There are clean but used produce bags in the silver box, but we are already running short of them.  If you have clean produce bags, please bring them and leave them in the silver box.

Did I mention that we really need bags?  If you have never harvested for the food bank before, please join us at least once to support this important project!  Contact the leads team at if you have questions!