Bradner Gardener Gathering 2018

Welcome p-patch gardeners, new and returning!


Join us for the Annual Bradner Gardener Gathering will be on Sunday April 8 from 4 to 6 PM.


We will get to know our fellow gardeners and give new gardeners an overview of the P-patch.

father and son are getting the new potatoes out of the soil, potatoes and roots beautifully lit by the sun

Sunchoke Harvest, sculpture making, replanting for next year


You and your friends are invited to participate!

What: Sunchoke Harvest, sculpture making, replanting for next year
Why: Food for the Rainier Valley Food Bank and some to take home
Where: Bradner Gardens Park, 29th Avenue S. & S. Grand St.
When: Sunday February 26th, Noon
Treats and test tasting

It’s time to Harvest our over-wintered 2016 Jerusalem Artichokes, aka sunchokes. Take some home, the bulk will go to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. Recipes at

For info: isobel Davis. 206-300-2362
If anyone would like to volunteer to help be there at noon.

Attached is a photo of recently harvested giant sunchokes

Donating to the Rainier Valley Food Bank

Did you know that your gardening at Bradner allows us (with the help of your volunteer hours) to donate THOUSANDS of pounds of food to the Rainer Valley Food Bank each year?

Here is an update from Isobel Davis about how much of a positive impact this week’s donation made – Isobel is the steward of the Sunchoke beds along the basketball court.


Isobel writes:

It was great to drop off sunchokes from Bradner Gardens to Rainier Valley Food Bank on Saturday. It’s our 4th year of sending them sunchokes! The nice thing about the harvest and delivery in March is that there are fewer fresh vegetables being donated in the winter. Plus, Sunchokes were 4.99 lb at Whole Foods the other day! Considering our final tally was 72 lbs (maybe a little less when picked through), at $4.99 = $359,  that’s a significant donation for a small plot at the edge of a basketball court!  True, tit’s a Whole Foods price, but they have become more expensive, even while they are easy to grow. 

Elise was excited to see the art/recipe card and asked for the source file to include in their newsletter. she felt the art and recipe would be of interest, but especially wanted to thank Bradner for their continuous support in bringing produce to the food bank.  I’ll  try to let you know when I hear which edition it will be in. 


Here is a link to Isobel’s blog about Sunchokes and Gardening – you’ll find great tips and great recipes!

Seattle Tilth Second Chance Plant Sale





Tilth’s March Second Chance Plant Sale to take home leftover plants for cheap! It’s thisFriday, March 18, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands and you can park at the farm. Get directions.

Several varieties of herbs (including catnip, lavender, mint, rosemary, sage and calendula) and veggies (including beets, broccoli, cauliflower,  kale, lettuce and peas) remain. All plants are organically grown. First come, first served.

Prices: $2 per plant or $20 per flat. Flats vary from 12 plants (or plant packs) to 18 plants. Cedar Grove compost and potting soil will also be available for $6 per bag.