Time to Attack the Winter Weeds!

Winter Weeds
All this warm weather is stimulating the winter weeds into seed making mode.  Now is a great time to weed out the Dead nettle (small mint-looking leaves with a pinkish/lavender flower) and Shotweed (delicate plant with tiny white flowers that has teen- tiny seed pods that look peas).  Removing weeds before they go to seed reduces weeding tasks in the future.  Remember, our p-patches are community gardens with close quarters;  what you do or don’t do in your plot affects your neighbors.  So please don’t wait until June to visit your garden.

BAMBOO poles

We have a pile of long bamboo poles donated by a neighbor.  They are behind the building, either on the pallets behind the building or in the storage nook behind the building.  Help yourself to the bamboo to make trellises, etc.  Bamboo is strong and lasts several seasons.  And it is free. 

Organic Fertilizer 

The P-Patch office gives each garden organic fertilizer from Walt’s Organic.  The Bradner supply is stored in two green bins on the bottom shelf of the storage rack to the left of the sign-in table.  Apply the fertilizer directly into your planting row; do not broadcast it.BY THE WAY,  Bradner will be a delivery site for the fertilizer for other gardens in the southend.  So you will see a big stack of bags in the breezeway between the end of March until April 15.  Please do not open any of these bags.  

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