2016 Annual Gardner Gathering!

Save the date! March 5th is the Bradner Annual Gardener Gathering!

Hello fellow Bradner P-Patch gardeners! This year’s annual gardener gathering will take place Saturday March 5th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. in the Bradner Meeting Room.

The gathering this year will be a happy hour. Rather than going over the rules, garden amenities, and volunteer opportunities, this year we’ve planned a community building event. One of the things that makes Bradner stand out is you, the great community we have. The gardener gathering happy hour will be a chance for you to get together, meet your neighbors and the new gardeners, perhaps find people you want to order seeds with, or folks who can water your garden while you are out of town.

We know that many of you enjoy certain volunteer opportunities, so we will have sign up sheets available. If you have any questions please ask one of the leads. We’re there for you! We will supply beer from the Flying Lion Brewery, and some wine. Snacks will be pot luck, so please feel free to bring you favorite finger food.


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