Fall Tasks – Winterize & Renew!

Please remember that October 31 is the deadline to:
¨ (1) Complete and record your 8 community volunteer hours
¨ (2) Get your plot ready for winter.

You must fulfill these two P-Patch responsibilities if you want to renew your plot for next year.

To winterize your plot, please remove all non-organic material (i.e. tomato cages) then…

Option #1: Grow winter crops such as garlic, onions, kale, etc.
Option #2: Plant cover crops to dig your soil in the spring to add nitrogen as they Decompose.
Option #3: Mulch. Protect your soil with a layer of organic material then dig it into the soil in the springtime: a.) Chop up spent plants and cover your plot. b.) Create a blanket of leaves on your plot, or c.) Create a good blend of green (spent plants) and brown (leaves). Layer 12” deep. Cover with burlap.
If you plan to leave the P-Patch, please let the Bradner Leads know and also let the office know :

Contact Bunly Yun at Bunly.un@seattle.gov


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