Meet your fellow Gardeners – June Profile of Kay and Glen

Kay and Glen are veterans at Bradner.  This year they are generously taking on “fostering” an extra “parent-less” plot along with Susan (and the reward is that the extra patch is full of strawberries, a nice reward for their extra effort and time).

IMG_1651IMG_1653 IMG_1649

Kay and Glen are regulars at the Saturday Work parties, so if you see them there, introduce yourself and say hello!
How did you handle the winter?

This winter they were adventurous and tried to do some winter crops of spring onions and kale.

What are you growing this summer?

For summer, they are starting to see the growth of their sugar snap peas, hopeful to see carrots, and looking forward to a bounty of radishes (a love of theirs) and tomatoes (they planted 6 varieties from Uncle Wilfred).

What is your favorite Bradner Gardening Tip?

Kay and Glen suggest using your car as a hothouse – it is portable, gets very warm, and can help jump start your seedlings without requiring building a formal space -and then the seedlings are ready and easy for transport!.


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