Name your garden task!

Spring has sprung, and the garden is getting busier.
In addition to monthly garden-wide work parties there are many tasks around the garden you can volunteer for on your own time that can earn volunteer hours towards the required 8 for the year.
Many p-patchgardners have still not registered for a task or a team – we need your help to keep the garden running smoothly!
Please contact anyone on the leads team listed here if you have any questions on ways you can help. Here are a few things you can sign up for if you are interested:
  • Food Bank – harvest and weighing produce on Saturday before 10 AM, and delivery to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. Delivery also on Weds AM. Contact Joyce M
  • Ornamental Border – take part in this year’s renovation projects, pruning, stewarding any areas, weeding, and especially watering specific areas of need over the summer – Contact Kate F
  • City Fruit – general care of fruit trees, and in particular, water stewards for the summer. Contact Matt M
  • Compost – Sign up with a buddy or two to turn the compost once a week for a month: learn the benefits and science of composting as you volunteer – Contact Jim D
  • Childrens’ Garden – weeding, harvesting, spot watering and general care in the summer months especially – Contact Kate F, or Megan D

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