Garden Updates

Soil Temperature
The weather is warming up but the ground is only about 50 degrees.  Bill Alves, one of our gardeners is recording the temperature and posting it on a sheet in the breezeway.  At 50 degrees, the best things to plant are greens, beets, peas.  Hold off on the warmer crops.

Optimum Weeding
Give yourself a gift of a prosperous garden and carefree days this summer by weeding your plot and adjacent paths now.  The soil is soft from the rains and the weeds come out easily.  If you haven’t been to check out your plot, check it for weeds that are ready to go to seed such as Shotweed (it shots the seeds as you try to pull it out).  Stash the weeds in a  pile in your plot until the compost barrels are set out in the compost stations.

We have organic fertilizer in the green plastic bins on the bottom shelf next to the sign in sheet table.  Use the fertilizer in the row where you plant seeds or in the planting hole for starts.

Bradner Plant Sale
Don’t forget to support Bradner by shopping at our plant sale on May 24.  Neighbor Sally, our grower will have heirloom tomatoes, squashes, herbs, basils etc.  Proceeds from our sale purchase tools, garden supplies and summer concerts in the park.  You don’t have to baby those tomatoes if you wait for our sale.  More later on working at the sale.

Leaf Mold
We have a pile of leaf mold south of the basketball court.  I suggest using it as a mulch after your plants are up and growing.  The soil still needs to warm up.  The mulch is like a blanket that holds in the moisture from watering when it gets hot later in the season.

Burlap Bags
If you used burlap bags to winterize your plot, please stack them on the concrete wall that is south of the brush pile on the south side of the basketball court.  That way they can be used again next fall. Don’t waste them in your paths and don’t throw them away.  Cardboard works better as a weed barrier in the paths.